Forget About Your Thighs and Focus on Your Head Instead

Why do you work out?
A) Shed some Fat
B) Tighten and Tone
C) Feel Good

If you answered C) Feel Good, you’re onto something, something that it took a group of scientists to conclude: According to a study published in the Journal of Health Psychology, exercise is good for body image, whether you’re losing weight or seeing any physical benefits… or not.

So what does this study show us? It’s time to switch our focus when it comes to the reason we exercise. Instead of zeroing in on the fat, try to view your workout as a time to tend to your psychological health, and let the physical component of weight loss and muscle toning be an extra added benefit!

It’s a lot about the internal dialogue that you put your mind through. If you eat a doughnut, then feel mad about it 10 minutes later (if not immediately after), chances are your mind will head into exercise mode as you fixate on how you are possibly going to fit in a sweat session to burn that splurge off before it sticks to your thighs. How about if, instead, whenever you are having a rough afternoon, a fight with a friend, a tired morning, or need a dose of energy before heading out on a Friday night, you let your mind wander to taking a walk or slipping in a quick cardio session?

This week, try to tweak your internal exercise dialogue. Instead of working out to trim those thighs, do it to boost your brain power or energy level. Make it a Fat-Free week. Fat Talk is negative self-talk that doesn’t discriminate. People fat and thin often have the same loop going on in their head about being, looking, or feeling fat. It’s time to change your tune and talk pretty.

Using exercise as your go-to to feel better is a much healthier spin on the reason for your workout. After all, fat or thin you can’t help but feel good from exercise, whether you like it or not ;)


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