Instant Fashion & Beauty Emergency Fix-its

Our morning beauty routine takes up enough time as it is. And when a fashion emergency strikes, our entire day can be thrown off! Not to worry, we have instant relief for even the most seemingly disastrous moments with these last minute beauty and fashion fix-its.
-Static-Clingy Skirt? Spray hair spray on your legs to stop the cling.
-Eyeliner line half way up your Eyelid? First apply powder to your entire eyelid, then apply eyeliner. It should stay in place all day.
-Static in your hair? Rub hand lotion in your hands. After it absorbs, grab your hair, particularly the ends, to remove the static completely.
-Dehydrated & Ick AM under-eyes and lashes? Spread vaseline on your eyelashes and the skin underneath your eyes each night to help protect them and keep the lashes healthy and the delicate skin surrounding the lashes moisturized.


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