Facial Oil vs Facial Cream: What's the Difference?

You frantically reach for a napkin if pizza grease or salad dressing drips down your chin, just imagining that oil clogging up your pours and your skin bubbling with pimples. So WHY would you PAY for oil to intentionally put on your skin? Well, because it’s really not the same thing as greasy food residue. The skincare industry has terrified you of the word “oil.” Thousands of products have been designed to fight “oily” skin. So the second you see a tiny shiny spot on your face, you think “oh no. I have the oily skin condition?!” And you grab those little oil wipes and dab away until your skin is powder dry.

Skin Need Oil
But, newsflash: your skin needs a certain amount of oil. And if you’re constantly working to strip it of its oil, it will constantly work to produce more oil and eventually it will overproduce. And then you do actually have a problem. Since beauty habits have started to drift in this banish-any-oil-in-any-way trend, it’s time to drift them back to a more natural, sustainable place. And that is where essential oils come in.

Non-Oily Creams Can Clog
I know. It’s like when you heard that certain fats were actually good to eat. It’s a little hard to swallow. But those “non-oily” creams you’ve been opting for are usually filled with preservatives that can clog pours and are even carcinogenic. Scary! Meanwhile your skin welcomes essential oils because it recognizes them as natural to its environment.

Nourish Your Skin
A lot of face products are filled with chemicals that serve to protect your skin from the environment—from what’s “out there”—but they do nothing to nourish your skin. Facial oils absorb easily into your skin and nourish skin cells. Applying essential oils to the skin can also help the body release impurities. So overtime you’ll have naturally healthier skin.

Instant Gratification
For more immediate benefits, facial oils can calm your puffy morning eyes, erase unwanted lines and highlight defining features.

Beautiful Skin, Beautiful Mind
Aside from benefits for your skin, essential oils can have amazing effects on your mental and emotional state. Their powerful aromas work their way into your nervous system, relieving depression, anxiety and relaxing your body and mind. I bet your skin cream can’t do that.

Essential oils aren’t just for your yoga teacher to tap on your palm at the end of a session. Make them a part of your regular beauty routine.

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