The No-Time Hair Beautifying Routine

Being a business woman, mother, friend, spouse… oh and a whole happy human is a lot of pressure! With so little time, how in the world can we find a few moments to look good doing it?! When it comes to the painfully time-consuming daily task of washing and blow drying hair, here are some self-tested tips how to speed up the process:
1. Shower First Thing!
Jump in the shower first thing in the morning- before everything else- in order to allow your hair to air dry as long as possible while doing your other morning prep (eating breakfast, selecting your outfit, applying your make-up). Of course, the natural drying time won’t get your hair as dry as if you put it under the blowing heat, but it will definitely help you get a head start PLUS your hair will be healthier- blow drying can damage and weaken hair. Once your morning routine is complete, do a final blow dry and style and you will be ready to get on with your day (a few minutes earlier)
2. Plug In Your Straightener STAT!
If you use a ceramic hair straighener, plug it in as soon as you get out of the shower. This way it has time to heat up to the correct, most efficient temperature so that as soon as you are ready to use it, it is ready for you.
3. Rinse AND Brush in the Shower
When you rinse out your conditioner in the shower, run a wide tooth comb through your hair. This ensures that all the conditioner comes out as well as saves you the step of having to detangle your hair after.
4. Shower BEFORE the Gym???
If you work out at a gym before running off to work, wash your hair before you go to the gym and leave it wet. It will dry while you work out and then you can just rinse off and not go through the shampoo and conditioner process while you’re trying to get to work. Of course, if you are doing a serious sweat session, a quick shampoo and leave in conditioner might be a good idea to remove the oil and stench… though it has been shown that sweat is a turn on.


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