The Most Luxurious Way to Lose Weight

Can Being a Giver (and a Receiver) Actually Help You Burn Fat?

Sure, it feels good. It may also feel like a splurge. Well it’s time to tweak your perspective and start viewing massage as something that good for you… an essential component to health even (ok, that might be going too far)! Stop feeling so bad about getting a massage. I’m not saying that you should go and blow a ton of cash at some schmancy spa. Ask your honey to give you one instead. Can’t coax him? What if you told him that he will burn fat, tone his muscles, AND help you lose weight too. Yes, massage has been shown to directly relate to weight control or loss for both the massager and massage. How?

How Getting a Massage Regulates Weight:
Massage improves circulation, helping in the interchange of oxygen and nutrients between the blood and tissue cells which increases muscle recovery and strengthening. More than muscle, massage is believed to be able to move toxins and water weight from the body as well as burst fat cells, forcing them to be absorbed away instead of bunching up on your thighs. More than releasing water weight and breaking down fat cells, according to reflexology there are certain pressure points on the feet that can stimulate the metabolism and encourage weight loss.

How Giving a Massage Regulates Weight:
If you’ve ever given someone a serious massage, you know that it takes work! And, of course, anything that takes work also burns calories. While giving a massage you are engaging your muscles in order to relax theirs, working your hands, arms, back and core. Giving an average 1-hr massage can burn 260 calories. So next time your honey feels like he (or she) has steel rods going down his (her) back, instead of just saying to take a bath or pop a pill, get to work tackle those mangled muscles, knowing that for each nurturing moment you are tending to your backside too!

Now THAT is a luxurious way to lose weight!


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