Organization where we need it Most- the Closet

What area in your house lacks the most organization? Probably your closet. If you are anything like me, you have shoes stacked in a pile, clothes in the corner, and who knows what shoved in the very back. Time for these fabulously easy closet organization tips to clear the clutter, clear some space, and maybe even make room for something new!
-Clean House-
Don’t let your closet be taken over by the clutter of old clothes unworn for years. “I have nothing to wear” you say, chances are you do you just can’t find it. So chuck the clutter and reclaim your closet.
Get rid of the wire hangers and opt for wood or plastic. Not only are they better for your clothes and keep them looking nicer longer, they keep your closet looking uniform and clean. Clear plastic cubby units are great for sweater storage (which should never be hung because it stretches out the knit). In order to make your clothes easier to spot (instead of having to flip through every single item to find the one in mind), color coordinate from dark to light. It might be a pain at first, but once the sorting is set, the daily task of picking your perfect outfit will be significantly less painful.
-Try it on, then Toss it-
Try on everything in your closet, if it doesn’t fit now, throw it away or donate it. No need to hang onto something that “might fit again someday” because let’s be honest, if you lose some extra pounds you will probably celebrate by buying something new.


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