I Scrub Myself when I Can't Get Scrubbed by Someone Else

Winter seems to be our annual excuse to pack on a few pounds then cover them up with a couple of layers! Unfortunately it isn’t just your body that hides; your skin finds shelter under protective layers too. Blistering winds and frigid temperatures coax skin cells to pile up, hiding your fresh faces and smooth arms and legs beneath. Well it’s time to stop hiding under dead skin and let unveil your inner glow.


STEP 1: Do a daily pre-shower dry brushing with a natural bristle brush for 5 minutes. This will help to stimulate the lymph glands near the surface of the skin, encourage circulation and to gently exfoliate the skin. You will gently brush from your feet up to your shoulders, always brushing towards your heart in and upward motion.

STEP 2: Really get in there! Get into a warm shower, suds up, and use a natural fiber loofah to scrub every inch of your body, removing the loose and dead skin that has been making you seem dull. It should really be a weekly ritual.

A SERIOUS Scrub Down
Want to REALLY get in deep? I went to Wi Spa- a Korean Spa where black bra clad ladies scrub your skin with such vigor you feel like a dirty pot being scrubbed by a metal whisk in the sink. Still, somehow it doesn’t really hurt. And in the end- which is the entire point- you emerge with skin so soft you literally feel like a baby’s butt. But beyond the softness, you just glow! I mean, you radiate! I have never felt so clean in my life. Sure, the first time is a little awkward when you step into the bath room for your initial skin loosening soak surrounded by nude women (nudity is required), few who speak English. You hold a number so that your therapist knows who you are amongst the masses. Then you are taken into a room with rows of massage tables, each with a naked woman kind of covered by a little towel being scrubbed down by one of the black bra and panty clad ladies. If you enter with any sort of nudity angst, you will get over it rapido. After the scrub, you are slicked up with massage oil and sent on your way… feeling oddly relaxed and totally revitalized. Oh, and another cool thing- it’s a 24 hour spa. Fab! Since I can’t experience such bizarre bliss weekly, I scrub myself down.


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