A Makeover With Food

You’ve certainly heard of foods that help beautify you before. But oftentimes, they can be foods that are hard to incorporate into your daily diet, like some tropical fruit your store only carries once a year, or even a multi-vegetable powder that you constantly forget to mix in with your morning smoothie. Here are some simple, beautifying foods you can find year-round, at just about any grocery store, or even the slightly sophisticated gas station market.

Celery For Whiter Teeth
We know the stuff can help fend off other cravings because it takes so darn long to eat! But all of that crunching is good for something else—your teeth. Celery is bursting with fibrous cellulose that helps scrub teeth of stains and plaque build up. Don’t worry about making too much noise while you snack on the stuff, your pearly white smile will make up for it.

Walnuts For Strong Nails
Stop pulling your hands back in shame! Weak nails that get ripped up can be embarrassing, especially for women. Even buying fake nails to cover up the problem can result in an awkward looking set of digits if one flies off. Walnuts contain biotin, a Vitamin B that strengthens nails, making them less prone to break.

Liver and Squash for Sexy Skin
Orange fruits and vegetables like Squash contain antioxidants called carotenoids that can fight free radicals and protect your skin against disease and damage. Whether you’re dealing with too much sun exposure in a suburban area, or toxins in a city environment, your skin needs protection from environmental elements. When it comes to keeping skin soft, Liver contains naturally moisturizing Vitamin A.

Another great food for your skin is wrinkle-fighting Salmon. Salmon contains Omega-3 fatty acids that reduce inflammation in the body and strengthen cell membranes, allowing your skin to retain water longer.


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