7 Ways to Make Waxing Less Painful

Just because it’s no longer bikini season doesn’t mean you can neglect a certain bikini-hidden spot. Time to coif chickadees!
I’m not even about to attempt to tell you that a day at the spa, ripping at deeply seeded, stalwartly resistant hairs from the delicate netherland is relaxing. It’s not. Let’s just face that fact. So what’s a girl in desperate need of a last-minute mowing to do? Of course, you could always slip into one of the many mani/pedi places that offer waxing as an adjunct service for half the price. But seriously, the last thing you want is dirty fingers or tools touching your bikini region! Sure, you may leave with less hair for less money in a snap, but just wait a few hours until the red in-grown bumps sprout up… or worse! Not worth it! So you may need to spend a tad bit more money to get it done right, but since it is a necessity, we may as well make the experience as pleasant as possible by making it as clean and “green” as possible. The eco world has come out with some pretty great alternatives to the traditional wax experience like infusing soothing gemstones into the mix, or substituting old-school wax is stuff like soy.

To tame your bikini line tresses try:

Exhale Spa’s Tourmaline-infused wax treatment will leave you well-coiffed with less pain. The expert wax technicians use the special tourmaline-infused formula to help calm and soothe the sensitive skin and elude the excruciation that can be part and partial to ripping hair from your bikini area. The result? An almost painless wax job! I know- Almost painless! Who knew that waxing could be so nearly pleasurable? Locations in Los Angeles, New York, Boston, Chicago, Dallas.

Uni.K.Wax Centers offers the greenest, cleanest hair removal experiences around through the use of an innovative natural, herbal wax made with pine sap, beeswax and aloe vera to completely remove hair without wasteful and painful paper strips. Unlike “hard waxes” that break on the skin, this stuff always stays soft so it can be removed without the pain of “pulling” the skin with paper strips. Fans like Beyonce and Cameron Diaz flock to some of the over 20 booming locations from coast-to-coast including New York, San Diego, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami, Palm Beach, Tampa, Orlando and Gainesville.

Joseph Christopher Salon uses only organic wax for hair removal. Two salon/spas in Long Island with two additional locations slated to open later this year.

Blue Marble Spa, an eco-spa in San Diego does an organic bikini wax for natural bikini and French bikini hair removal. Their organic wax of choice is called L’Orbette- only used by the best eco spas around. To even further green the experience, Blue marble uses recycled muslin waxing strips (don’t worry, they are cleaned and sanitized).

4. SOY
Juju Spa & Organics in Philadelphia uses a soy-based wax to tackle touch bikini-line hair because it’s not only a renewable source, but it’s also highly effective, less irritating and very soothing to the skin.

Have a wild hair to try it yourself at home?

The Grapeseed Company Mojito Man Shave Prep is an organic, clarifying, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial treatment made from grape seed oil that will help set the stage before you let it rip!

MOOM 100% Certified Organic sugar-based hair remover will make your skin feel smoother, younger and moisturized. It’s so pure it contains nothing but Chamomile, Sugar, Lemon Juice, Tea Tree Oil and Water and we love it for at-home down-there hair care.

Combat-Ready Balm is an all-natural/organic skin salve that soothes the skin and is the perfect post-wax fix!


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