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How-To use Video to Make Your Blog Better!... w/ Viddy's Chris Ovitz


Want to have your own blog or, better yet, vlog? More than just a web space to place your musings, photos, and thought-provoking insight, you can make a business out of your website- yes, you can make money, work for yourself, and sit at home in your sweats all day… like I do To make [...]



A Makeover With Food

You’ve certainly heard of foods that help beautify you before. But oftentimes, they can be foods that are hard to incorporate into your daily diet, like some tropical fruit your store only carries once a year, or even a multi-vegetable powder that you constantly forget to mix in with your morning smoothie. But here are some simple, beautifying foods you can find year-round, at just about any grocery store, or even the slightly sophisticated gas station market.