Office Supplies for Fashion Faux Pas

No matter how elegant, put together, polished and perfect any chick looks, she’s had her awkward wardrobe malfunctions. She’s done the embarrassing and quick change of clothes in the front of her car hoping nobody drives by. She’s worn tattered granny panties under a $1,000 dress because it’s all she had left. My point is, don’t be ashamed to do some strange things sometimes, in order to look flawless (or at least close). Everyone’s done it. Here are some strange things you can do in the office to fix a fashion flop.

Fix A Hem With A Stapler
If a few stitches come out and the whole seam is threatening to come undone, grab a stapler to patch up the damage until you can get home and properly sew it up. Be sure to use a stable remover when you get home so as not to rip the fabric.

Accessorize with an Eraser
If the backing to one of your earrings comes off and gets lost, stick the back of the earring through a little piece of eraser to hold it in place.

If the little rubber piece pops off the heel of your shoe, putting you at risk for embarrassing and painful slips, secure a piece of eraser on the exposed metal part of the heel to create friction.

Tape Up to Cover Up
Realize that top button of your blouse isn’t quite high enough? Turn regular clear tape into double-sided fabric tape. Just fold it into a loop and put it between the two flaps of fabric over that unwanted cleavage.

Give Yourself a Sharpie Paint Job
Got a scuff on your shoe? Is that staple that you fixed your hem with showing? Or the eraser at the bottom of your shoe? Color it in with a sharpie. Avoid getting it on fabric as it will stain.

Manicure with a Matchbook
Every office kitchen has a matchbook laying around for birthday cake candles. If you’ve got a nasty hang nail or chipped nail and are without a nail file, use the little strip of sandpaper on the matchbook to smooth it out.

FedEx the Fur off
A pristine outfit can be ruined in a second by an overly affectionate puppy brought into the office. If you’re without a lint brush, grab a FedEx or UPS packing pouch, remove the backing off to expose the adhesive, slip your hand in the envelope and pat the furs off your clothes.

Dry Erase Board Cleaner for Stains
Dry Erase Board Cleaners are mostly made of rubbing alcohol and can easily remove stains. If you get a beverage or marker spot on your clothes, test out the cleaner on a hidden spot of the fabric to be sure it is color fast and after that, go to town.

Paperclips for Peeking Bra Straps
If your bra straps are slipping off your shoulders, create a fold in each strap and fasten them in place with a paperclip. You can also turn your bra into a racerback by pinching the straps together behind your neck and holding them together with a paper clip.

Not everyone has a stylist with them at every step to fix their little fashion faux pa’s. Some of us live in the real world, like in offices. But you’re never really without a fix.


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