Men are Insecure When it Comes to Body Image Too

Sick of your girl’s constant questioning “do I look fat in this?” Before you open your mouth with the wrong answer, think about yourself. Sure, women are inundated with images of waifish models that can make any chick feel “fat.” Well, turns out that those boxer brief ads highlighting chiseled abs make men feel a little inadequate too.

Studies in which men were forced to sit and watch TV ads featuring lean, tone “ideal male” bodies ended up feeling bummed and unhappy when it came to their perceived image of their self image.

Thankfully, working out natural spikes the spirits, releasing endorphins that increase your mood and make you feel better about your body and happier overall… not to mention the fact that you are actually simultaneously trimming your gut and toning your abs. So, in the end you will not only “feel” better, but you will look better too.

Men may be amazing at building empires, but, admit it, not the best at taking care of yourselves.
Sure, you’re making progress. More men workout regularly, visit doctors for check-ups more frequently, and smoke less. But when it comes down to it, you’ve come a short way. Why such a Debbie Downer? You could be doing much better. Fact is that women are now living even longer than men- 5 years longer on average (up from 1 year longer in the 1920s). One reason? Stress. Men’s lives are as stressful as women’s (though some men will argue that they are more stressful), yet studies show that women are more likely to seek support.

So what’s a stressed out guy supposed to do? Exercise and Socialize.

Both social activities and exercise have been proven over and over to squash stress, reducing your risk of heart attack, disease, and overall life dissatisfaction. And here’s the great thing: you can combine the two, kill two birds with one healthy stone! I know, chicks tend to do the whole “working out together” thing, but guys can too. Join a bike or running club and ride in the early evenings after work or on weekends then head over to a favorite pub for beer and burgers if it makes you feel better. If you want the nutrition deets on your fave brew (so you can choose wisely instead of sabotage your entire workout with one pint) check out Beer100.

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