4 Simple Ways to Be a Man Magnet

When I was young, I was always the girl who was cute not pretty, sweet not sexy, a friend not a girlfriend, a follower never-ever a leader. I wanted to be one of the “cool” girls who sauntered around school flaunting her stuff…but, a late bloomer, I had nothing to flaunt. Because it was assigned to me (and incessantly reinforced), I owned the sweet/innocent/friend/follower role, along with the insecurities that came with it- a distinct lack of sexual self-assuredness and the inability to express myself in a sensual way for fear of feeling and, even more so, looking stupid. Thankfully, my sexuality began to blossom and I slowly began to be viewed as a girlfriend material as opposed to the “good friend.” But, as a result of my stunted start, I had to force myself to learn how to strut my stuff without hearing that voice in my head telling me that I, indeed, looked as stupid as I felt. Because I was armed with the ability to be an observer (thanks to years of being ignored), I began to watch the dance between men and women, and learned to emulate, then improve upon the tactics that enticed the opposite sex to take notice. Once my carefully crafted mating call was conceived, I put it into action to see if it was possible to perfect the approach and be a man magnet.

Being a man magnet isn’t just about the T and A, it’s about tactic. Cleavage isn’t the only way to lure the love of your life (or the lust for the time being) into your clutches. Really, looks aren’t as important as many of us believe. Put a gorgeous girl with a frown on her face next to an average chick who lights up a room with her smile and energy, and guess who will shine the brightest? If you want Mr. Right (or Mr. Right Now) to notice you, there are a few simple things that you can do to attract his undivided attention.

-1. Confidence-

A confident woman is a sexy woman. When you enter a room, do you demand that people notice? Do you emit an energy that makes others want to be in your presence? If the answer is yes, you go girlfriend, if not, read on and take some serious notes… Even if you have to fake it, ooze the aura of self-assuredness. Stand tall, shoulders back, head high, and look people in the eye- especially your selected suitor.

-2. The Penetrating Stare-

Peering intensely into a person’s eyes (especially those belonging to the hot stranger at the other end of the bar) can undoubtedly be a bit intimidating, but it can also be your tool to disarm him. Holding eye contact for a few seconds too long, accompanied by a sweet little lip-parting smile, before you coyly, and slowly, look away, can make the difference from getting noticed and being overlooked. Once attention is grabbed, and a few glances exchanged, don’t be afraid to be the one to say “hello” (men are used to doing the picking up, it strokes his ego if you are the one to break the ice) or, walk by and accidentally sweep your hand across his back, as you then innocently turn and smile while walking away.

-3. Find a Temporary Distraction-

While waiting for him to hone in on your interest (sometimes guys can be very dense), mingle with other handsome men. BUT be sure to stand in a way in which your guy can see you and you can see him. That way, if you peripherally notice him taking the bait and turning his head in your direction, avert your eyes from your distraction and give your guy another penetrating stare. To see if he notices, slowly and deliberately slide your hand down your thigh (his eyes should follow). Then go right back into your conversation with your distraction. Be sure to laugh and smile and look like you are somewhat enjoying yourself, but not overly enthusiastically. You don’t want to scare your guy away by making him think you have lost interest; besides, that enthusiasm should be reserved just for him.

-4. Last Ditch-

What do you have to lose? Truly, what is the worst thing that could happen? He might turn you down. And then what? Next! What’s the best thing that could happen? He could be totally turned on by you and want to spend every moment of the rest of his life in your presence. Because, what do you have to lose, if the above tactics aren’t working on their own, just go right up to him and ask him if you can buy him a drink. Remember, go confidently. You are a hot commodity. You have to believe and own that. If you do, he will too.


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