How Do Your Habits Affect Your Face?

Do you ever wonder if your daily habits are actually having an effect on your face? Sure, we know that working out can make our body tone, lean and strong, and our heart healthy. We know that smoking can leave black soot in our lungs that make it hard to breathe, cause bad breath, and shorten our life. We know that drinking too much alcohol can leave you with a throbbing headache, a sick stomach, and all over bloat. And that not drinking enough water can have a similar effect. But what do those daily habits do to our looks? It’s like the movie “Sliding Doors”- if I choose to live my life with these habits, my face will look like this; if I choose to live my life with those habits, my face will look like that.

If you’ve never considered the concept, it’s time to. Thankfully, Glamour.com made it very easy with bullets and pics that depict a woman as she is today, then a 20 year computer-generated time-lapse morphs her to show what she will look like if she keeps up her current habits, and another if she made a few changes. Like what? Eating more fruits and vegetables to smooth skin elasticity, wearing spf, drinking less alcohol and more water.  Seriously very cool. Here’s the link. You should check it out.

A few habits to kick NOW:


Missing out on sleep

Not getting enough water

Stressing out

Drinking more than 2 cocktails a day

Forgetting to wear sunscreen

Skipping fruits and veggies

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