Forget “Sexy Devil,” Be Healthy This Halloween. Be… “Sexy Tri-athlete”

Studies show that 1 in 4 “healthy” adults consume an average of 10 “fun size” candy bars on Halloween. Translation: Approximately 775 calories and 24.5g fat. So if the whole fit mindset holds true, you know the concept that if you make one fit decision you increase your odds of making another and another… (like deciding to take the stairs instead of the escalator, which leads you to choose the skim over the whole fat latte), then dressing up as a healthy icon this Halloween just might be your ticket to avoiding the binge fest.

Halloween seems to be the start of fat season. It’s cyclical if you really think about it:
New Year (slim down begins)
Spring (amp up the fitness mentality in prep for bikini season)
Summer (bikini season=leanest point of the year)
Fall (Holidays start to roll around and the fitness lifestyle gets the shaft)
Winter (diet? What diet)
New Year (slim down begins)
And on and on we roll year after year.

Be a Fit Icon

So this year, avoid the beginning of fat season all together and forget about dressing up as a Sexy Devil, School Girl, or Super Woman. Instead be one of the following fit icons (in normal or sexy form… whatever you’re in the mood for). After all, dressing up as Jennifer Beals from “Flashdance” just might put you in the mood to move your body while trolling the neighborhood for treats, burning off at least some of those calories you’re about to consume. Here are a few ideas:

WHAT: Jennifer Beals from “Flashdance”

HOW: Black leotard, legwarmers, nude leggings, red pointy heels, oversize gray sweatshirt with the neck cut out and widened, draped over one shoulder. Plus- permed big hair, gaudy hoop earrings, bucket of water (you can choose to dump it on yourself or not).
CALORIES (burned for an average 140lb woman in 1 hour of dancing): 286

WHAT: Jane Fonda (or just an 80s Workout Girl)

HOW: Shiny g-string leotard, bright leg warmers layered over bright contrasting leggings, LA Gear workout shoes, a headband snuggled into your frizzy hair held in a pony tail by a brightly colored large scrunchie.
CALORIES (burned in 1 hour of aerobic exercise): 444

WHAT: Michael Phelps (or any other 8-time gold-medal Olympic swimmer)
HOW: Wear a spandex bodysuit, speedos, or an Olympic-themed shirt (speedos is best for the “sexy” look), swim cap, goggles, and drape 8 gold medals around your neck.
CALORIES (burned in 1 hour of swimming): 634 vigorous freestyle swimming

WHAT: Muscle Beach muscle head
HOW: Wear short tight shorts, a big arm hole tank top, and a wide belt. Add a dumbbell (even a fake one) to really drive it home.
CALORIES (burned during 1 hour of power pumping weights): 381

WHAT: Serena Williams (or another tennis pro)
HOW: Short soled color flared skirt or tank dress (white, pink or purple are best), matching headband, ponytail, Wilson tennis racquet
CALORIES (burned during 1 hour of tennis): 444

WHAT: Tri-athlete
HOW: Bathing suit, spandex bike shorts, goggles, bicycle helmet, bike, polar watch
CALORIES (burned during half Ironman Triathlon): 4000

Because Healthy is Sexy!


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