Light in Color, Doesn't Mean It's a "Light" Beer... Beer 101 w/ "The Beer Chick" Christina Perozzi

Little known fact… I love good beer. I mean, interesting, complex, craft beers. They can be like wine when it comes to taste bud-satisfying and food-pairing. Here’s a quickie lesson on the basics with Beer Chick Christina Perozzi, co-author of “The Naked Pint.”
Here are just 3 of the slew of must-know tips in this video:
1. Just because it’s light in color, doesn’t mean it’s “Light” in calories. The #1 misconception about beer is that a dark beer is heavy, high in alcohol content, high in calories and bitter.
2. Like wine, beer can have notes of caramel, chocolate, nutmeg, rosemary, citrus, among other “flavors” or “notes” and can be perfectly paired to any meal.
3. Like wine, swirl beer before drinking it so you can get all of the aromas out of it… remember: 80% of taste is actually from scent. In fact, you can drink your beer from a wine glass.


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