12 Ways To Beat The Bulge

You could go on a dramatic weight loss plan, with a strict, unvaried diet and time-consuming workout plan. And for some people, that is necessary. But if you’re just trying to fight off a little bulge that seems to be creeping up and over your belt, try these easy 12 steps to combat your daily bulge-building habits. You’re closer than you think to buttoning up your pants again without grunting, jumping up and down, or laying flat on the floor.

Flush Out Toxins
If you’re going to include the occasional fatty food or cocktail in your diet (which most people do), you’ll want all of your body’s fat and toxin-flushing capacities at their highest. Since every single cell in your body needs sufficient water to function, drinking at least 2 liters a day will make that happen, helping to flush out toxins while keeping you fuller and craving less fatty foods.

Burn Fat
Alcohol and stress: If you regularly have either of these, you could be experiencing weight gain. Stress causes your levels of the hormone cortisol to increase, which can slow down your metabolism. As for alcohol, we know by now that liquid calories do count. Take a vitamin B complex to help your body better deal with stress, and Vitamin C to up your fat-burning abilities.

Eat fruit first thing in the morning. Acting as your body’s pipe cleaner, fruit helps clean out your body of toxins, fat build up and the by-products of bodily processes. This in turn reduces inflammation and cellulite; two things that can make you feel far from your ideal body.

Portion Control
Eat a large salad for lunch and dinner. The mere volume of this food, combined with the effort it takes to eat it, causes people to eat less than they would of easier to eat foods. Veggies only average 40 calories per cup, so toss all of your favorite veggies in a big bowl or make a wrap with a whole wheat tortilla if you’re on the go.

Stave Off Cravings
Keeping your blood sugar stable will be a powerful weapon in staving off cravings. It’s only when we feel super hungry that we start rationalizing a cupcake, half a pizza—anything. Eat small, healthy snacks every couple of hours. Unsalted nuts are full of satisfying fiber and protein and low in calories.

Stabilize Blood Sugar
The tiniest amount of sugar can put all of your blood sugar-stabilizing efforts down the drain, making you feel tired and even setting on new cravings. If you need something sweet, eat fruit or sweeten an herbal tea with the natural herb stevia.

Flush out Fat
Just twenty minutes of rigorous exercise daily will help your lymph system flush out fatty deposits and cellulite. This doesn’t even have to be a jog or a trip to the gym. Try jumping jacks, plank, or air boxing right in your living room. Just keep your heartbeat up for twenty minutes.

Aid Digestion
Avoid foods with hydrogenated oils and trans fat, like margarine, fast food and many frozen foods. These foods can slow down your detox organs and require a lot of energy to digest. They also tend to come in foods that are fatty and calorie-loaded to begin with.

Up Your Detox
Avoid additives like synthetic colors and preservatives. These foods make your liver work extra hard at breaking them down. That energy could be saved for your liver’s fat burning capacities.

Stay Satisfied Longer
Beans really are magical. They help cleanse your bowels, making you feel less bloated, as well as keep you full longer and your blood sugar stable. Beans are also packed with good complex carbohydrates, protein and fiber—they’re almost a complete meal in themselves! But, you’re better off adding them to your salads or soup.

Suppress Your Appetite
Drink an entire glass of water before every meal. Often what you perceive as hunger is just thirst. Drinking water before a meal can lead you to eat less.

Burn Calories All Day
Do 3 daily 100’s every day. That’s 100 repetitions or 100 seconds of any exercise like jumping jacks, plank, standing crunches, or wall push-ups. These will boost your metabolism and keep you burning calories throughout the day.


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