10 Reasons To Love Oatmeal

It is ridiculed as “old people food”, you’d rather have it in the form of a cookie, and you’re having a hard time kicking your McMuffin habit in favor of it. Oatmeal. You know it’s good for you. You hear all the little age-old phrases like “it keeps you regular!” but do you really know why oatmeal is just so darn good for you? Once and for all (well, I’ll probably mention it again) I want to do a full campaign for oatmeal. Trust me, you’ll at least consider giving up the McMuffin.

Benefits of Oatmeal


Low in calories

and keeps you full—One cup contains only 130 calories. It’s a complex carb meaning your stomach takes more time to digest it so it stays in your stomach longer and you stay full longer.


High levels of fiber & protein, low in fat

—It’s one of the highest-protein grains, the fiber helps clean you out and, yes, “it keeps you regular!” and the low fat, well, you know why that’s good.


Reduces risk of diabetes

—With most foods, your body grabs onto them and wants to turn them into sugar instantly. But oatmeal won’t allow it. The high fiber and complex carbs slow down the food to sugar conversion, regulating insulin levels and your body’s use of glucose.


Removes Bad Cholesterol

—Yes, certain brand name cereals do this too, but they’re also high in sugar. Oatmeal contains the unique bad cholesterol-lowering fiber beta-glucan and low levels of sugar.



—A gluten-free diet is becoming very popular and many people are discovering they have gluten sensitivity. But what is in basically every popular breakfast item? Gluten. Many of the proteins found in gluten are missing from oats, so those with gluten sensitivity can eat it. However, if you have actual celiac disease, be careful. Oatmeal still contains Avenin, a protein that is harmful to those with celiac.


Protects Against Certain Cancers

—Oatmeal contains lignans which are thought to protect against breast cancer and other hormone-related cancers.


Protects against heart disease

—Studies have found oatmeal contains certain antioxidants that can prevent free radicals from harming your good cholesterol, therein lowering your chance for heart disease.


Protects against heart failure

—One Harvard study found that men who ate a bowl of oatmeal every morning were 29% less likely to experience heart failure.


Enhances immune system

—The unique fiber Beta-gluten helps your body eliminate bacteria and fight infection.


It tastes SO good!

It does. It’s nutty. It’s comforting. And you don’t have to chew very much, which is a daunting task early in the morning.

Are you going to add a barrel of oats to your next grocery list?

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