Zodiac Signs and Your Sex Life

You’ve got a busy life and minimal time or mental energy for heartbreak. You’re not looking for Mr. Forever right now. You’re looking for Mr. Right Now. There are plenty of books on which zodiac sign will make a great life partner. And when it’s time, I think you should absolutely refer to those. But if you’re just looking for some fun right now, let’s cut out the unnecessary info and get straight to the point. And to bed. Here’s a look at what a person’s zodiac sign says about them as a lover. And I mean lover.

Just like in all aspects of life, Aries is a leader, and wherever he is leading, he wants to get there fast. While it can be nice to have someone take charge in bed, sometimes you may wish you had a little more power. And that things lasted a little longer than 10 minutes.

If you’re looking to play out a scenario from a romance novel, Taurus is your man. Expect a long seduction, maybe a home cooked meal and fine wine. When you finally clean up the dishes and make it to the bedroom, save some energy for foreplay. Because the Taurus likes plenty of it. It’s sweet and romantic, but you may also grow impatient at times.

Gemini is great with his mouth. And I actually didn’t mean that in a dirty way. Gemini needs intellectual stimulation before any other type of stimulation. He will probably be into phone sex and loves to talk dirty. Oh—but it’s his own talking that gets him going. You can (and have to) remain pretty silent.

Be ready for an emotional roller coaster. You have no choice when going to bed with a Cancer. Sex is SO much more than physical to them. To them, it is poetic, highly intimate, and never casual. Be prepared for them to tell you all about their deepest darkest secrets and life dreams during post-coital cuddling.

The Leo is a sexual being in and out of the bedroom. They ooze sex and are playful, creative and passionate in the bedroom. You will never get bored with them. However, sometimes they get so caught up in doing something new and exciting, that they can’t just get the job done. (Read: no orgasm)

You’ve heard the stereotype that quiet, reserved people are actually animals in bed. Well, the Virgo probably perpetuated that idea. Their clean, quiet demeanor in life is no where to be found in the bedroom. They just wait for the right person to come along, and then all rules go out the window.

Get ready for some Barry White, or at least a little massage oil. Libra loves the art of seduction. But he really loves it so if you can’t handle any cheesiness, this may not be your best match.

Like the Leo, the Scorpio is a highly sexual being. They’ll give you a night you’ll never forget. But then, they will probably forget you. They’re known to be the hit it and quit it type. So be sure you really are into something casual before jumping into bed with a Scorpio.

Sagittarius loves the hunt. So don’t worry—you won’t have to do much work. In fact, you probably will begin not at all interested, and somehow drooling over him by the end of the night. Why? Because the Sagittarius revels in their sexual powers and the ability to turn even the toughest candidate on.

You may get frustrated waiting for the Capricorn to make the first move, and then every other more. He is not particularly lustful, but once things get started, he is committed and will do whatever it takes (granted, over a long period of time) to satisfy you.

Aquarius are kinky. There is just no better way to say it. They like involving toys and third parties (or fourth or fifth…) and are willing to explore just about any path to satisfaction. You’ll never get bored. You just might get freaked out.

Like the Cancer, sex is much more than physical for the Pisces. But they are the complete opposite from Cancer in one way—they want you to do most of the work. They love to be adored and seduced, almost more than they like to actually screw.

Maybe it’s not so silly to ask someone his sign after all.


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