Tips For Avoiding Flip-Flop Fiascos

You throw your flip-flops on to avoid the traumas that your sneakers, your stilettos and your sling backs give you. But somehow you still end up with blisters everywhere. You’re also prone to other problems like warts or athletes foot every time you wear these barely-there items. If you can’t rely on your flip-flops for a little relief, then you’re kind of s*it out of luck. Not to mention, on a tropical vacation or during the summer months they’re kind of your only option. So, here’s a little guide to foot-friendly flip-flops.

Buy flip-flops made of high quality leather. Leather is the material least likely to cause blisters and it won’t ware down as quickly as cheaper materials.

Look for the APMA (the American Podiatric Medical Association) Seal of Acceptance. The APMA assures that a shoe allows your foot to function as normal as possible, in a way that wont hurt your arch, legs and even other parts of your body.

Don’t let your toe hang off the flip-flop! You’re just exposing your foot to all kinds of bacteria and irritation.

Wear solid flip-flops that your feet don’t slide around on while walking around public pools, gyms, even spas. Things like plantar warts and athlete’s foot are just waiting to grab hold of your foot in places like these.

Like a toothbrush, you have to say goodbye to your flip-flops every so often. About once a year, examine how worn out your flip-flops are. Even the highest quality ones won’t provide the same support after a lot of use.

It’s so easy to do, but do not ignore any rubbing or pain between your toes where the thong sits. Not only can this cause blisters, but constant rubbing can open up the skin and make it vulnerable to infection.

Even if you do have that APMA seal of approval, flip-flops are not meant for long walks or hikes. Even the strongest pair is not built to support your foot through intense walks.

No matter how tempting it is, do NOT wear flip-flops when doing yard work. It’s way too easy to let a garden tool drop…

When people bring the Frisbee out, you bring out your sneakers. Don’t play any type of sports in flip-flops. It’s too easy to get a sprained ankle or even a broken one.

Now go enjoy your favorite minimal shoe!


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