Is Your Air Conditioner Making You Fat?

Your body interprets a change in climate as a stressor that it must respond to, the same way you become really hungry when you travel and experience time difference, or when you’re stressing before a big exam. This sets in a hormonal shift, and in case you haven’t already heard of the relationship between hormones and your weight—there is a strong one.

When the temperature drops, our nervous system releases adrenalin and our blood vessels constrict in order to not let any heat out of our bodies.
When temperature rises, blood flows to the surface of our skin in order to let heat out. We then begin to sweat which requires calories.

What’s going on here? Our body uses up calories in order to maintain a core temperature, making us feel that we must eat more. But we can often just end up over eating.

One study found that women living in a climate that is consistently 80 degrees burn approximately 250 more calories per day than those living in 70 degree weather. Women in an 80 degree climate most likely do not tamper with the temperature, where as those spoiled with that lovely 70 degree weather are probably constantly making little changes to keep it at 70 degrees-like messing with the AC.

Think about tropical vacations you’ve gone on. You’re not really tempted to stuff yourself when you’re melting in the sun. Constantly turning up that AC every time you feel a little warm deprives you of the benefit that that heat provides—namely, a suppressed appetite.

Ready to save some electricity and lose weight?

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