How to Kiss

We’ll start with two funny facts:
Women’s number one complaint about how men kiss is that they get too aggressive with their tongues.
Men’s number one complaint about how women kiss is that they don’t open their mouth enough.
With that in mind…

Don’t be afraid to tell your partner what you like and don’t like! Why? Because the more you like to kiss him, the more you will. And kissing is such an important part of a relationship. In fact, studies have found that couples who kiss more often communicate better.

Put Your Back Into It
And your whole body, for that matter. This makes your partner feel much closer to you—not just physically but mentally.

Don’t Be Afraid to Travel
With your mouth, that is. Try the neck, ears and lips—in that order. Mixing it up keeps your partner engaged and wanting more.

Don’t Worry about What Comes Next
It can be hard to do, but savor the kiss for just that—a kiss. Not as foreplay. You’ll reap more of the benefits of a kiss—like how it makes you feel more trusting of your partner—if you don’t focus on what’s coming next.

Never Stop Kissing!
Well, maybe at a family dinner you can keep your hands and lips off each other for a little. But most couples admit to kissing drastically less after the “honeymoon” period—i.e. the very beginning of the relationship—is over. Don’t let that happen! In fact, after you’ve known each other for a while, your kisses will probably just get better!

Pucker up!

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