“Glee” Star Jane Lynch’s pre-Emmy Hosting Prep…

What would you do if you knew that you had to stand up in front of millions of people (both in person and on live TV), and be funny, pretty, approachable and witty… tonight. Well, that’s what “Glee” star Jane Lynch is going to be faced with the morning of the Emmy’s. Yes, America’s favorite PE teacher will be hosting the Emmy Awards. But she knows exactly what to do that morning to prepare for the night- exactly what she does every morning.

Turns out, “All good things flow from coffee…” yup, that’s why coffee is part of Jane’s daily routine. Her cluster of morning quickies gets her head and body ready for the day, no matter what day it is. So you can bet that THIS is what Jane will be doing before hosting the Emmy’s:

-Unplug cell phone
-Look at emails
-Check Huffington Post
-Take the dog out
-Put Eye drops in eyes
-Grab Sunglasses
-Ready to go

Jane admits that it’s all about routine. “I can’t be creative or enjoy anything without routine.”

Do you have an AM routine?
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