5 Ways to De-Stress at Work

You may be in a job that you hate but, honestly, quitting is just not an option right now. You’re not entirely trapped. Here are 5 ways to make it a little more durable.

Aside from the nice little break from the computer you get when you run to the water cooler, water also helps keep your organs functioning their best so you won’t feel any physical defect on TOP of feeling like your job is just defected.

I’m telling you, sometimes you don’t. Especially when you’re super concentrated or—and this definitely goes for those who hate their job—frustrated. If you pay attention next time you’re sending an angry email, you probably will have ceased to breathe. But oxygen is crucial for your brain and body in the fight against stress, as well as keeping you cool. And we all know how irritated we get when it’s warm.

Clean Up!
That’s right. FINALLY take five minutes to throw away all of those receipts, old memos, energy bar wrappers—whatever—and organize your desk. This will help you focus and feel more in control. Making a list of tasks you have to do and crossing each one off as you accomplish them will also majorly relieve stress.

Chin Up
Hate to say it, but you could be a big reason that you are miserable. Don’t indulge in negative thoughts and inner monologues about how much your life sucks. This makes things seem MUCH worse than they really are.

Walk Away For A Moment
When you REALLY need a break from it all, take one. I know you want to prove to yourself that you can push through it, but your quality of work will go down if you’ve hit a wall.

Hopefully this will keep you from quitting your job! At least a little while longer…


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