12 Uses for Ice Cubes

A friend of mine asked me why I had so many ice trays in my freezer considering I drink my beverages sans the stuff and am not a big thrower of cocktail parties. I didn’t lay out this whole list of reasons for her right then, but I will for you now!

Watering Plants
I’m pretty short, so I can’t always reach my hanging plants with the watering pot. That’s why it’s not uncommon for my neighbors to see me outside tossing ice cubes up in the pot. They melt, turn into water and my work is done.

Re-fluffing the Rug
If you’ve recently moved furniture around, you most likely have some dents in your carpet. And just like hair gets a new shape after washing it, your carpet well re-fluff if you place an ice cube on the dents. Once the ice melts, just rough up that area of the carpet a little.

Running late and the shirt you planned to wear is wrinkled? No problem. Turn on the iron. Wrap an ice cube in a wash cloth and rub all over the wrinkles just before ironing.

Make Medication Tastier
Or at least taste like nothing at all. Ice numbs the taste buds, so if you have to take nasty-tasting medicine, just suck on an ice cube right before.

Easy Plucking
Rub an ice cube over your eyebrows before plucking to numb the area. To reduce inflammation after, rub the ice cube over again.

Banish a Blister
Applying ice to burnt skin right after the incident will reduce the likelihood of blistering.

Chilled Water For Your Pets
Especially during the summer, the furry creatures will appreciate a few ice cubes in their water bowl to cool them down.

Unclog a Disposal
Out of Draino? Throw an ice cube down your clogged disposal. It should break up some of the sediment.

Prevent Curdling
To prevent clumps in your egg-based sauce, toss an ice cube in the mix as soon as you see it curdling.

Remove Fat from Soup
No joke. If you put some ice cubes in a metal ladle and skim it over the top of hot soup, the excess fat in the soup actually clings to the bottom of the ladle.

Reheat Rice
Notice how rice dries out when you microwave it? Add a couple of ice cubes to the bowl before putting it in the microwave for moisture.

Hangover Prevention
If your drink comes with ice, you can sip on the melted ice that is still infused with the taste of the cocktail before ordering your second. It might slow down your alcohol consumption.

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