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“Glee” Star Jane Lynch’s pre-Emmy Hosting Prep…

“All good things flow from coffee…” What would you do if you knew that you had to stand up in front of millions of people (both in person and on live TV), and be funny, pretty, approachable and witty… tonight. Well, that’s what “Glee” star Jane Lynch is going to be faced with the morning of the Emmy’s. Yes, America’s favorite PE teacher will be hosting the Emmy Awards. But she knows exactly what to do that morning to prepare for the night- exactly what she does every morning.



Best No-Sit Up Ab Exercises

Yes, you can have a beach-worthy set of abs without succumbing to torturous sit-ups!

When it comes to bathing suits, what is your main area of concern? If you’re the average woman or man, it’s likely your stomach. The suns’ piping hot and you can’t hide under a sweater any more. But before you strip down to your skivvies, it’s probably a good idea that you spend a few minutes a day tending to your soon-to-be best assets—your abs. Great thing is, you don’t have to hit the gym, lift a weight, or even do a sit-up to have a head-turning stomach.



Zodiac Signs and Your Sex Life

You’ve got a busy life and minimal time or mental energy for heartbreak. You’re not looking for Mr. Forever right now. You’re looking for Mr. Right Now. There are plenty of books on which zodiac sign will make a great life partner. And when it’s time, I think you should absolutely refer to those. But [...]



Tips For Avoiding Flip-Flop Fiascos

You throw your flip-flops on to avoid the traumas that your sneakers, your stilettos and your sling backs give you. But somehow you still end up with blisters everywhere. You’re also prone to other problems like warts or athletes foot every time you wear these barely-there items. If you can’t rely on your flip-flops for a little relief, then you’re kind of s*it out of luck. Not to mention, on a tropical vacation or during the summer months they’re kind of your only option. So, here’s a little guide to foot-friendly flip-flops.