Try This, Not That, To Cure A Headache

Headaches can interfere with your life big time. They can make you lash out on those around you, they can make you do a sloppy job at your work, they can definitely be an excuse to not exercise. As soon as we become dysfunctional, we become desperate and that’s when we resort to quick, man-made fixes like pills. The trouble is, long time use of popular medicines for head aches can put you at risk for stomach bleeding, vision problems, seizure, weight gain, chest pain and the list goes on. Wouldn’t it be so much better not to be dependant on these unnatural substances? You don’t have to be. Just keep some of these natural remedies in mind when your cranium is crying out in pain, instead of that tempting little bottle of pills.

Sometimes easing that tension is as simple as drinking a glass of water. Seriously! Most people don’t drink enough water and don’t realize their headache is just a result of dehydration. Before heading to the medicine cabinet, head to the faucet.

I thought it looked crazy the first time I saw someone standing on a tennis ball. Was she practicing to be a trapeze artist?! Not at all. Targeting certain pressure points like in the arch of your foot or where the bones of your index finger and thumb meet can actually relieve tension in your head.

Tiger Balm
Ok, so this one is a product, but it’s a natural herbal remedy. Just applying a small amount of this soothing serum to temples can reduce inflammation and increase blood flow to the brain. Tiger Balm also provides mild anesthetic action and can seriously tackle muscle tension.

Heat Up Those Muscles
If you have access to a steam room or sauna, great, but even just taking a hot shower will get your blood flowing and your muscles loose, including the ones in your head.

Aroma Therapy
As long as you’re already in the shower, may as well attack that headache in more ways than one with some aromatherapy soap. Natural oils like peppermint, lavender and Sandlewood can reduce pain if not eliminate it.

Those few extra, unwanted pounds might be giving you a headache, or it could be the actual food that caused them. Not getting enough calcium or magnesium in your diet can cause headaches, so when you feel that pounding, try some of these: low-fat yogurt, orange juice, pumpkin seeds, low-fat cottage cheese.
Skimping on potassium can cause water retention, which can also cause a headache. Be sure to get enough of these in your diet: bananas, avocado, papaya, tomatoes, sweet potatoes.

Cool Down
I know I suggested heating up when your muscles are stiff, but if you’re experiencing inflammation, then it’s time to cool down. Place a bag of frozen peas or an icepack for 5 to 10 minutes on the area that is hurting to reduce swelling.

Probably the last thing you want to do when your head is pounding is pound your feet on the treadmill, but exercise can actually greatly increase blood and oxygen flow to your brain to reduce a headache.

Now that you know these 8 natural ways to treat a headache, you can clear up some room in that medicine cabinet for some more natural beauty products!


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