The Best Bras for the Trickiest Tops

If you’re anything like me, your under garments are the last thing you think about when planning an outfit. I plan outfit—even buy outfits—that I don’t have the proper bra for. Too many times have I sat there, ten minutes before a date, realizing I really need some of that skin-colored sticky nipple tape if I ever want my date to actually look me in the eyes. So, for future reference, here are the best types of bras to wear with the trickiest tops.

NEVER wear a beaded or embroidered bra under satin. Satin hides and forgives nothing (after all, that is why you’re wearing spanks under it, right?). Also, avoid any bra that doesn’t hug your breasts. If the top of the bra juts out a little, there will be an awkward bump. Try a thin, solid bra that melds to your skin. You may have to forgo super padded or push up on this occasion. But that’s ok. The upside of satin showing everything, is that it’s sexy when your date can make out the natural shape of your boobs.

Halter Top
If you can go bra-less, do it. There aren’t really bikini-shaped strap-less bras out there, and with a regular strapless bra you risk that awkward jutting out at the top of the bra. If you can’t go bra-less, I like to wear an actual bikini top under the top. The shape is perfect!

Ultra-Sheer White Tank
Or really anything ultra-sheer. Wear a colorful bra. Do It. You really have no shot at covering up your bra in these situations, so be loud and proud with it. Hey—Carrie Bradshaw does it allll the time. Trust me. No one is going to say “uh, your bra is visible through your shirt.” They’ll know that you know.

Top With Cut Out Sides
Go big or go home. Like with the sheer tops, there is no chance of hiding the bra. So wear a funky-patterned one, or a colorful one. If people are going to see it, it may as well be cute. If you’re feeling brave (and if you’re blessed with perky breasts) go bra-less. It goes with the relaxed look of those tops.

Off-the Shoulder
If it’s a formal event, definitely wear a strapless bra. But, in a more casual setting, wear a bra with ultra-thin straps. Thick straps just create that ham wrapped in string look and take away from the elegance of your collar bone and shoulders.

Baby-doll Top
These are the tops where the “waist” is actually right across the center of your boobs. It’s a popular style in maternity clothes, but non-pregnant women wear these too. Normally, the material above the seam is embroidered, and below is a more solid material. These are tricky, but can be pulled off in two ways. Either with no bra, or a full-coverage bra that hugs your skin tightly so it doesn’t jut out and ruin the look of the top.

Lace and Sheer
Try to wear a bra that is as close in color to the top itself. Lace tops are elegant and shouldn’t be destroyed by a funky colored bra—keep those for casual sheer tops. But no matter what you do, WEAR A BRA. I’ve made the mistake of thinking that the embroidered part was conveniently placed over my nipples. Guess what. Shirts shift.

Alright, chin up and chest out!


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