Simplify Your Office Wardrobe

Start with a Blank Canvas
Instead of spending tons of money on multiple “conservative” dresses for work, just buy two or 3 simple, a-line dresses in solid colors. They don’t stand out on their own, so your co-workers won’t notice if you repeat them. From here buy (or raid your mom’s or friend’s closet) for decorative belts, brooches, chunky necklaces and patterned neck scarves (yes, these do look cute even if you’re under the age of 60). These are a much cheaper way to make ten outfits out of just one canvas dress.

Show Them Who Wears the Pants
For days when you don’t want to feel so girly, it’s time to accept pants that rise above your belly button. Buy a pair of simple, creased and wide legged trousers in beige, navy blue, grey or black. These look elegant but are surprisingly comfortable, and they kind of sway in this really satisfying “I’m a professional” way when you walk ;)

Business in the Front, Party Under Your Jacket
I know, you probably wont wear the trousers out of the work place, so just buy one or two pairs. You can, however, pair them with tops that you would also wear out to a bar or dinner party. Think ruffled tops, blouses in bright colors, satin camisoles under a blazer, even clean and simple v-neck or crew-neck fitted t shirts. The key is to toss a fitted, solid colored blazer over these to keep it professional.

Throw on some of the accessories mentioned earlier if you’re feeling too drab.

So, the whole work-clothes shopping list consists of:
Canvas dress
Wide-legged trousers

….The other stuff, you probably already have.


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