10 Things You Must Keep in Your Purse (and probably don't)

Life is full of little unexpected annoyances. Little things that in the blink of an eye or the turn of a head actually end up ruining your whole day, or your date, or your business meeting. If only you had made a note of every little fiasco that had happened in your life so you could plan to avoid it. It’s ok. I did. Just kidding. But I think I got most of them covered with these items you’re going to FOREVER keep in your purse now, right?…

Why? Because it’s just not lady like to dunk your napkin in your glass of water when you get a little something on your clothes at dinner. Want to just wash it off in the bathroom? Fine. But the line in a crowded bar to the woman’s bathroom might take forever—long enough for that stain to settle in.

Painkillers (eh em, over the counter!)
Why? Because you’re not always in the position to just call it a day and go home. What if you’re at a concert? On a date that is going PHENOMENALLY well? Even more, what if you’re out with a friend who is being a real pain in the *ss because she has a headache? Keep a few in a plastic baggy to take up less room in your purse.

Why? Because as small of a cut as it might be, ever notice how irritating a little cut is?! You can’t take your mind off it. You are just imagining all the little dirt particles getting in there. It’s stinging. And somehow, the cashier/bartender/waiter/security guard at the concert never has any and it’s a whole thirty minute detour to the nearest drugstore to get one. Just put a stack in your purse.

Tampons or Pads
Do I even need to explain this one?

Spare Key
Why? Because losing the one and only key you had with you is a disaster of epic proportions. If you leave your key in your house as you’re rushing out the door, forget whatever you were doing that day. You need to wait for a locksmith to come break into your place for you. If you lock your car keys in your car or lose them, God forbid you’re somewhere late at night and your cell phone dies and it’s a long walk to the next pay phone…

Pen & Paper
Why? You meet a cute guy. You meet a good business contact and forgot your cards OR they forgot theirs. The operator on the phone is rambling off the information you need a mile a minute. You think of things throughout the day you NEED to pick up at the store later that night, and you depend on your memory—ya, like that works.

A Sewing Kit
Why? Because women’s clothes always tend to tear in the most awkward of places. Or a botton pops off right at your bra line. You never know when you might get a hole in your armpit right before a big meeting and you have no spare shirt with you.

Why? MOST important—for a cab. A lot of cabs won’t take credit and they don’t even tell you that until the ride is over, so you have to run up the meter even more as they drive you to an ATM. Also it makes splitting bills way easier.

All Types of Insurance & Personal Information
Why? Because you just never know what will happen. Keep on hand copies of your insurance as well as papers that list your emergency contacts at all times. Would be terrible if you passed out somewhere and no one knew who to call for you…

Payphone money and important phone numbers
Why? In case your cell phone dies and the nearest drugstore or restaurant is closed or their telephone is for “customers only” and oh, your wallet was stolen. Keep the money in a compartment in your purse, not your wallet, of course.

Ok, now you and your purse are ready for battle.


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