No Mind Tricks Today! Excuses Stop Here.

Too busy? Baby’s crying? Sooo tired? Don’t chance blowing off your workout because you were, yet again, able to convince yourself (during a moment of weakness) that it’s okay to skip it today. Excuses may be easy to come by, but if you have a backup plan you just might be able to thwart those exercise evading tricks that your mind tends to play.

How? A study out of Columbia University showed that women who compiled a list of alternatives to typical workout avoiding excuses tend to exercise twice as much as those who succumbed to an excuse not to. Here are a few IF, THEN scenarios to stop your excuses and start moving your body!

IF… “I can’t make it to the gym at lunch” is your excuse…
THEN… “I’ll go onto www.youtube.com/lionsgatebefit and pick which onDemand workout to do as soon as I get home”

IF… “I’m not in the mood to do anything BUT curl up on the couch and watch TV” is your excuse…
THEN… “I’ll slip on some sweats for a yoga session OR do a Quickie Workout in Bed or slip in a Daily 100 while watching TV”

IF… “I want some food to make me feel better about life…” is your excuse…
THEN… “I’ll grab a 150-calorie snack or a Baybel Light cheese, smear it on a GG Bran Crispbread, and eat it on my way to exercise- which has been proven to actually make me feel better.”

IF… “I’m so tired… I would rather snooze this morning than get up and workout” is your excuse…
THEN… “—————- “ (insert your alternative here)

IF… “—————–“ (Insert your biggest obstacle here)
THEN… “—————-“ (Insert a realistic alternative to the excuse here)

To ensure that you follow your own advice to exercise (even when you have the ability to come up with any excuse in the book not to) carry this little excuse-alternatives list in your purse, post it on your fridge, do whatever you need to remind yourself that for every excuse there is an alternative. Besides, you know you will feel better after, so why not get moving now?


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