4 Surprising Side Effects Of Eating Fast Food

You may have seen the movie SuperSize Me. What was the moral of the story? Fast food is bad! Well, actually it tastes really good, but it’s bad for you. And those two things are linked. We saw Morgan Spurlock complain of headaches and even mood changes along with his growing craving for any food item that began with “Mc.” But the film doesn’t go too into detail about Spurlock complaints aside from weight gain and cholesterol. However his moans of woah were not just incidental. Many of the symptoms Spurlock experienced have since been proven to be actual effects of eating fast food. Here are four surprising ones:

Turns out processed foods can trigger migraines. Anyone who knows how horrible those can be is probably dropping their jaw in horror at every time they ever went through a drive through. You’re just trying to get a quick meal, but what you don’t know is that that meal is loaded with things like nitrates, artificial sweeteners and monosodium glutamate (MSG). Nitrates are added to many fast foods in order to protect from certain bacteria and to give meat a cured taste and MSG enhances flavor, but along with the extra pressure on your belt buckle, these can lead to pressure in your brain.

If you’re eating fast food, you’re probably not eating healthy food, too. Eating sugary and fatty foods regularly usually means you aren’t eating foods that give you nutrients that are essential for mental health, like antioxidants, folate and Omega-3’s. Without enough of these, you can experience symptoms of depression.

Decreased Sex Drive
That’s right, if you’re going to indulge in one pleasure, you may have to pass up on another. Fatty foods can trigger biochemical changes that can cause libido, sperm count and ovulation to take a dive. I’ve always been against fast food restaurants as date spots, but this just confirms it.

Food Addiction
Yup, it does exist. You may joke that you’re addicted to this or that, but be careful what you joke about. High levels of fat and sugar can cause blood sugar levels to spike and crash, leading you to need even more in order to just maintain normalcy. Imagine needing three cheeseburgers in order to even get out of bed!

A lot of people justify eating fast food because they had a lighter meal earlier or because they have a fast metabolism. But fast food has effects on one’s body aside from plain old weight gain and cholesterol increase. Consider these side effects next time you’re debating that fatty, fried, quick fix of a meal.


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