Does Your Workout Reflect Your Personality

We all have our own stay-fit strategies. What’s interesting, is that often times not only do we each take a very different approach to Fit living, but each approach is often reflective of our individual personalities.

Who are you and does your personality match up to your fitness style?

Personality: The sweetheart who volunteers your time to non-profits, is intellectual, athletic and fit, not a big partier, optimistic and kind… your health-conscious all-American guy/chick.
Diet: Healthy. High protein (chicken, eggs, fish, lean red meat, etc), slow-absorbing carbs (yams, brown rice, etc), green vegetables, a protein shake post-workout.
Exercise: Daily. But you have to enjoy it. Gym, surfing, hiking, sports. Your gym regimen is 4-5 days per week, often melding life and exercise.

Personality: The sweet bad boy/tough chick who loves the ladies/guys and life in general. Laid back, easy going. Appearance is important, but not everything.
Diet: Lots of water (especially between shots of tequila to minimize a hangover). Daily multi-vitamins. Eats 5 times a day with the majority of calories consumed at breakfast.
Fitness: Exercises that don’t require a gym or equipment like push-ups, sit-ups, or exercises with fitness bands.

Personality: Plays hard, Works hard, while still maintaining a cool, calm, and collected attitude towards life.
Diet: Meant to support your lifestyle- yogurt and fruit for breakfast (to detox), healthy protein and carbs to fuel.
Exercise: Daily workouts are intended to sweat out the food and booze. Intense and daily.

Personality: Intense
Diet: Protein Shakes to fuel intense workouts. Food is fuel to support both life and workouts.
Exercise: Intense. Purpose-driven. Competitive. Powerlifting, explosive movements, sprinting, box jumps, basketball, marathon, competitive sports

Think about your personality and how your Diet/Exercise reflect it. Struggling to find a workout that fits your personality? Here are a few ideas:

-Fun-Loving Homebody- Play tag with kids or fetch with dogs for hour
-Social Butterfly- Take salsa or ballroom dance lessons, then practice those moves out with friends or your man on the weekends. Other social ways to stay fit: Join a running club, Walk then brunch with a girlfriend on weekends, Take a group exercise class.
-Pressed For Time (always)- Jam out an intense 30 minute cardio session at home using Your Shape.
-Stressed- Run it off for 30 minute outside. Or take the opposite approach and take a Yoga Class, do a Yoga DVD, or for a quick fix do the 15-minute goal-oriented Yoga workout on Your Shape.

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