Can Money Really Make You Happy

I talk a lot about living on a budget, spending within your means, and even tips to eventually make more money. But what’s the overall purpose of QuickieChick? To make you happy. So it’s only fair I post something about the connection between money and happiness. Because, eventually (or maybe even now), you won’t just be making ends meet. And believe it or not, that could be when things really get complicated.

Researchers at the University of British Columbia conducted a study on 350 participants earning between $10,500 and $225,000 a year. They presented each participant with the idea of a pleasurable experience and asked them how they would most enjoy it. Would they enjoy looking forward to it? Reminiscing about it? Sharing it with someone else? Staying in the moment as long as possible?

Answers did correlate with salaries.
The higher earners tended to enjoy the experiences less. To really drive this point home, the researchers showed participants images of money while eating chocolate, and this made them instantly enjoy the experience less.

What does this research suggest? That yes, the essentials need to be covered, like food and shelter. But once those are met, having excess money and in turn focusing too much on money can be more of a burden than a pleasure.

My takeaway from this?

Be proud of yourself for making ends meet. It could be the biggest joy money will give you. While having extra money can be a comfort, seek out happiness in the ways that people of all salaries can have it, like laughter and good company. Or a little exercise. (You knew that was coming).


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