7 Things to Always Have In Your Car

I live like a vagabond. I can’t remember when I didn’t. Before I had a career, I was constantly on the go interviewing for jobs, going to the odds and end jobs I had, and grabbing a quick drink at the end of the night with my friends for sanity. Once my career started to settle, I was just as on the go again to meetings and events. I’ve had to learn to bring a little bit of my life in my car. I don’t want to miss out on anything just because I’m constantly running around. Here are the 7 things I HAVE to keep in my car, that allow me to swiftly move from work, to exercise to socializing.

1. Workout Pants
You can wear these a few times without washing them, so you can toss them back in your car after a jog. If you ever get off work and realize the traffic is terrible , pop on those pants and go for a walk or jog around your office building. But be sure to wash them after 3 or 4 workouts!

2. Tennis Racket—Or Whatever You Need For Your Hobby
You don’t want to have to drive all the way home if your friend calls you up for a last minute tennis game, bowling match, or whatever you do to blow off a little steam. Hobbies can be the first thing to be pushed down on the priority list when you’re busy. But You NEED to keep them up to stay happy and refuel you for work.

3. Heels & Flip Flops
Heels make almost any outfit look dressed up. Keep a black or neutral pair in your car, so if you’re having a late night at work and don’t want to go home before meeting your friends out, or someone you’re dating calls you up for a spontaneous, last minute date, just put your heels on with your work clothes. Maybe take off that conservative cardigan, too. On the total opposite side of the spectrum… Flip Flops! If I’m out in heels and the night switches gears (or in case I just can’t deal with another second teetering around in stilettos), calling for a quick change that allows for me to stroll for hours along the boardwalk, I have a fab pair of flip flops at the ready!

4. Blanket
I like to keep one in the car to cover up valuables that I have to leave on the seat. It also comes in handy if I drink one too many and end up crashing at my friend’s place after a night out and my friend is short on blankets. It’s also great for an impromptu picnic.

5. Beach Bag and Bathing Suit Nothing is more depressing than having your friends call and say “we’re at the beach! It’s a gorgeous day! Get down here!” and you’re on the other side of town from your place, and by the time you sit through traffic to get your stuff and drive back to the beach, the sun will be setting.

6. Snacks
Not only do I get cranky when I’m hungry, but I can become weak and spacey—not good things to be if you’re stuck in an hour of traffic.

7. Jacket
You know how much a night can be ruined when your friends want to bar hop all over town, walking for blocks and standing in lines, and you’re freezing your butt off! Make sure you have one simple jacket that you always leave in your car.

Now you’re all set to live like a vagabond, in the midst of your fab life.


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