6 Misunderstandings about Make Up

Some of us just resort to the same makeup tricks we’ve been using for years, or we try to copy something we see in a magazine or on TV, thinking we’ve figured out what that celebrity did to get that look. But it’s time to know the truth about common make up misunderstandings, so you don’t end up looking back at pictures when you are a grandparent and saying “what was I thinking wearing inch-thick rings of eye liner?!”

The more cream, the better moisturized I’ll be.
Not true. Your skin can only absorb so much cream. You really only need a thin layer, anything else is just excess that its atop the skin, making you look greasy and providing no benefits.

The stronger the exfoliant, the better.
I know you want to attack those pimples and dry skin, but using strong exfoliating products can end up causing eczema, rashes and can make your skin even more sensitive over time. Look for a gentle exfoliant. Oh, and as far as fruit products go, nothing that acidic should be put on your skin daily. So ease up on that kiwi body wash you love so much.

Foundation hides wrinkles,
Sorry, but it highlights them. Every time you laugh, frown, smile, wink—anything—the sticky product just sinks into those lines, making them only more noticeable. Keep your layer of foundation as thin as possible and, sorry to say it for those who want to look tanner, make sure your foundation isn’t too dark for you skin. It will only emphasize lines.

Light –eyed people should wear dark eye shadow.
I know you want to add a little mystique, but you don’t want to end up looking like a drag queen. Wearing eye shadow similar to your eye color actually brings out the color of your eyes, rather than detract from them.

Shimmer is only for the young.
Even though you associate all things glittery with childhood, shimmery powder is great for women with wrinkles. The little specks pick up the light, instantly making your face look younger and detracting from wrinkles.

A thicker lip line means fuller-looking lips.
It actually just draws attention to the fact that you’re trying to pump up your pucker. Wear a lip liner that is just the tiniest bit darker than your lipstick, or the same color. This will bring out what you have, rather than highlight what you don’t have.

That should reduce the number of “what was I thinking?!” photos.


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