Spend Within Your Means...But Live Beyond Them

Fact: You don’t need to spend wads of cash in order to look (and therefore feel) fabulous! In fact, it’s almost insane to drop generous amounts of money on the newest whatever just to watch it go on sale two weeks later- truly a crushing moment when you realize that you haven’t even yet removed the tags!
Let’s take, as an extreme but totally realistic example- weddings. You can actually save a bundle in the department that brides-to-be generally drop the most and still look better than all of your girlfriends when it comes to the wedding dress. Yup, the new approach is used. Used, vintage, thrift-shop chic- whatever you want to call it, the big secret is that lots of Hollywood movie and TV studios turn their once-used clothes over to “vintage” stores after the show has been shot and the dress is no longer needed. I have a girlfriend who walked down the aisle in a gorgeous gently worn Carolina Herrera gown that was so stunning I almost fell out of my seat in complete envy. Concerned about past energy carried on the dress? Cleanse it with sage- the native American way to “clear old energy and make room for new.”
From one chick to another, enjoy living the chic life on the cheap.


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