10-Year-Old Boy w/ A Better Body Than Most 20-Year Old Guys

Apparently our nation’s kids are getting lazy. But 10-year-old C.J. Senter doesn’t make that apparent at all.

C.J. gives hope to teachers and coaches that your tireless advice is not lost. One weekend, when C.J’s football coach instructed the boys to get some exercise, C.J. went home and discovered his love for sit ups and push ups, and that only sparked his desire to learn more moves.

C.J. makes working out fun for himself—a tip we could all take from him. He re-names common exercises (calling the “burpee” the “shredder”) and even teaches a workout class for kids older than himself at a local gym in Locust Grove, Ga. As young as C.J. is, he is a small version of what you want your fitness instructor to look like, with totally defined muscles. C.J. has even put out his own workout DVD’s, available nationwide.

I know what you’re thinking: this can’t be healthy- a kid this young and this ripped. But C.J. doesn’t lift weights or bench press and when it comes to diet, he is like any other normal 10-year-old boy: a trash can, he’ll eat anything.

Another thing that makes C.J. a totally normal boy: his desire to join the NFL. Of course, he may be a few steps ahead of his competing peers.

C.J. holds the title of MVP for the 8-and-under for Georgia, and took part in the 10-and-under group last year as a 9-year-old. High school football coaches throughout the county are keeping an eye on him.

But even after all this recognition, C.J.’s dad says it’s not about the fame and“As long as he’s happy, I’m happy.”

And that really is the point. If only we had all discovered the sense of fulfillment, confidence, and thrill exercise can give at a young age. But, it’s never to late to learn!


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