10 No-Workout Tricks to Get Rid of Your Spare Tire Tummy for Good!

Got a spare tire tummy or a muffin top that you just can’t shake… or, um, get rid of? More than being an area of visual insecurity, the visceral fat (the technical term for the fat that gathers on the stomach) that rolls over your jeans is also seriously bad for your health as it surrounds vital organs and can increase your risk of diabetes and heart disease. Exercise physiologists at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) Department of Human Studies discovered that as few as 80 minutes exercise (either cardio or resistance) a week can get rid of visceral fat.

While the best way, long-term, to cut the fat and show off trim abs is to take the 3-prong cardio (to burn the fat)/ resistance (to tone the muscles beneath)/ diet (to burn the fat from the inside) approach, there are a few tricks to make your muffin top less noticeable now.

1. Wear a belt one loop too tight. Oh No don’t walk around with the tire hanging over the pants but tightening your belt will force you to Suck it in and therefore make your muscles work!
2. Wear Spanx one size too small under pants, skirts and dresses to pull you in all day and force your muscles to work without even thinking about it.
3. Chest up, shoulders back! Walking tall will help you look 5 pounds lighter immediately… And 10 years younger!
4. Drink water with lemon. Lemon is a natural diuretic and a great way to lose a little excess belly bloat.

5. Take a walk after lunch. Most people don’t give themselves enough time to digest the first meal before loading up on the second, creating a back up in the belly. Do some form of exercise between meals to help move the food through you.
6. Soak in Epsom Salts before bed to help eliminate toxins, heat up the metabolism, and relax the body for sleep.
7. Drink Dandelion root tea before bed. The natural colon cleanser helps un-stick sticky foods like steak and nuts helping to clear out the system and keep the tummy looking trim.
8. Eat light at night! You’re going to bed; not running a marathon! Studies show that people who eat after 8pm have more packed on fat than those who don’t.
9. Breathe deeply. Fresh oxygen flowing through the blood helps the metabolism work efficiently.
10. Sleep! Sleep has been shown to keep cortisol and insulin levels- both that, when elevated, contribute to fat storage, particularly in the tummy.

Because the only spare tire lying around should be the one in your car trunk, not wrapped around your stomach.


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