What Your Sleep Position Says About You

The concept of body language extends passed your waking hours. Think about it—we are already mostly unconscious of the way we walk, sit, stand and just move when we are awake, yet all of these activities tell so much about us. When you’re unconscious of the way you do…anything…the real you can be revealed. Where are you the least conscious? In your bed, and I mean when you are alone…

Scientists believe that the position you sleep in is a good indicator of your personality type. Six of these character-revealing sleep positions have been identified. Take a look:

The Fetus: Those who curl up like a baby while sleeping tend to put on a tough exterior during the day, but are actually sensitive at heart. These people will often take a while to trust people or soften towards new people, but they will eventually learn to relax.

Log: In this position you lay on your side with both arms down by your side. Log sleepers tend to be very outgoing and easy going, trusting of strangers and willing to make new friends. However, they can also be very gullible.

The Yearner: As the name indicates, these sleepers sleep on their side with their arms extended out in front of them as though they are reaching for something. Yearners can be very suspicious and slow to make a decision, but once they’ve made it they are very unlikely to change their mind.

The Soldier: Soldier sleepers lay flat on their backs with their arms pressed down against their sides. These sleepers are often quiet, reserved people who don’t like any drama but have high standards for themselves and others.

Freefall: In this position you lie on your stomach with your arms around your pillow and head turned to the side. These sleepers can come off as abrasive but are secretly pretty nervous people who can’t handle difficult situations or criticism.

Starfish: In this position the sleeper lies on his back with his arms up around the pillow. People who sleep like this are often great friends, always ready to listen to and help others. They don’t enjoy being the center of attention but would rather be of service.

Like astrology and birthstones, your sleep position can say more about you than you imagined to be true. What does your sleep position say about you?


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