Sex & Coffee… Good For Your Heart, Bad For Your Head

Sex and coffee are both, for many, basic pleasures. It’s the first thing you want when you wake up in the morning. The last thing you want after dinner. And maybe one in the afternoon as a treat. Turns out there are ups and downs to both, and while they may be good for your heart, sometimes they have negative effects on the head. Here are the heart and head deets that you need to know:


SEX and Your Heart:
-Sex is good for your heart, cutting your risk of heart attack and stroke in half when performed three times a week.

-Sex can effectively contribute to your cardio workout, helping you maintain or even lose weight. How? When aroused, your heart rate jumps from around 70 beats per minute to 150, helping your body burn an average of 200 calories- which is equivalent to running for about 15 minutes.

COFFEE &Your Heart:
-Coffee drinkers are less likely to die of heart disease thanks to coffee’s ability to help protect the heart against disease (but not stroke). But we’re talking A LOT of coffee- more than 6 cups per day for the maximum benefit of a 36% lower risk, and 20% lower risk if you drink 2-4 cups per day!

-When it comes to exercise, drinking coffee right before your workout helps up your ability to workout longer and harder, therefore getting a better cardio (heart) workout and burning more calories.

COFFEE & Your Head:
-With only 2 calories per serving, just plain coffee (without the fatty whip, syrups, and sugars) is a great way to get a jolt of energy without having to then use that extra energy to burn it off. More than its lack of calorie content, coffee is also antioxidant rich and studies have shown that it could in fact boost the mood and help zero in- improving focus and concentration.

-Drinking coffee boosts women’s (but not men’s) brainpower, improving performance, decision-making, and memory.

… and THE BAD:

According to a study published in the journal Stroke, coffee and vigorous sex (as well as being startled or angry) can be up the incidence of brain aneurysms in people who have already suffered from brain aneurysms in the past. Why? Aneurysms are the result of the wall of an artery weakening, bulging, and, worst case- bursting. Seems a raise in blood pressure is the root cause. The advice: if you’ve had an aneurysm, avoid caffeine, and keep your sex low key.


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