The Hidden Reasons You're Over-Eating

What dictates your day’s food intake? Calorie? Whether or not you slipped in a workout? The fact that you no longer can button the top button of your jeans? There are countless hidden elements that influence how much of that plate you clean off. Here are some hidden influencers:

Sitting vs. Standing
When diners sit down to eat and take at least twenty minutes to finish, they are more likely to consider that food a meal. Those who eat the same food standing and are washing down the dish within 10 minutes tend to consider it- the exact same amount of food- a snack, and are more likely to eat again soon after.

Paying with Cash vs .Credit
Do you ever look at your credit card bill and think, “how the heck did this happen?!” Well, if you’re buying food with that card, you may have the same reaction to your calorie intake. A study found that people who pay with cash usually make healthier food choices than those who pay with a card. Why? Paying with cash reminds you of the hard earned money you are spending, leading you to ask yourself “is it worth it?” In other words, which will make you feel fuller longer and actually provide nutrition—an apple, or a brownie?

Practice Yoga to Be Comfortable with… Torture?
Learn to accept torture—do yoga. Not to make the practice sound painful, it simply teaches you to be more tolerant of discomfort. If you can hold that plank pose, you can hold off on the second piece of pie. Those who practice yoga regularly are also more in-tune with their bodies and can better sense when they are full.

Make a Statement
If you can’t resist a treat, that’s okay. Just don’t deny it. In fact, say out loud “I am eating this piece of cake.” When you say out loud that you are eating a treat, you become more aware of it and more accountable, whereas silently eating a piece of cake could lead to silently eating 3.

Yes, there are real factors hiding behind ever corner encouraging you to overeat. So long as you uncover those nasty appetite controllers, you can learn to control them.

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