Cut 100/250/500 Calories A Day Without Feeling Hungry

Even minimally cutting your daily calorie intake can trim fat from your body. I mean so minimally that you likely won’t even notice the difference. Feeling hungry? Forget it! How minimally? 100 calories. Translation? About 1 apple. Yup, scientists at Harvard and Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge discovered that those who cut their calorie intake lost weight regardless of the diet they were on.

On average, if you cut 100 daily calories, we’re talking a 10 pound annual fat loss. Trim that number to 250 less daily calories and you could lose 26 pounds a year. Deleting 500 calories from your intake and you’ve just slimmed down in half the time!

Fitness Magazine’s story “The No-Hunger Way to Cut 100s of Calories” unveils 50 easy ways to cut the calories and trim the fat fast. Read the full story for details here. For a few of our faves from the list (plus some of our own), keeping reading:

Cut 100 Calories

Cut 100 Calories at Breakfast

Down 2 cups of daily coffee? Choose skim milk instead of flavored Coffee-mate.

Cut 100 Calories at Lunch

Cut the cheese and instead top your burger with veggies- onions, lettuce, and tomato.

Cut 100 Calories at Dinner

Get fresh with garlic, rosemary, and ff margarine instead of butter.

Cut 100 Calories from a Snack

Love ice cream cones? Choose the sugar instead of the waffle kind.

Cut 250 Calories

Cut 250 Calories at Breakfast

Use a measuring cup to portion the correct serving size of cereal to avoid overestimating.

Cut 250 Calories at Lunch

Serve up shredded Parmesan instead of cheddar at the salad bar. Oh, and skip the bread- it’s flavorless anyway.

Cut 250 Calories at Dinner

Love flavorful fajitas? Instead of filling 3 tortillas full, just stuff one, then fill yourself up with the rest of the fixings using a fork.

Cut 250 Calories from a Snack

Save your money (and calories) by bringing a 1-ounce bag of Lay’s to the movies instead of buying the small popcorn.

Cut 500 Calories

Cut 500 Calories at Lunch or Dinner

Mac and cheese for lunch or dinner? Don’t succumb to temptation, instead prep just half the box and save the rest for next time.

Cut 500 Calories at Happy Hour

Happy hour isn’t always so happy when it comes to your waist line. Drink two rum and diet colas instead of beer and wine, and, whatever you do, do NOT munch the bowl of stale snack mix.

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