13 Summer Recipes To Cook With Beer

Summer has arrived and there is nothing better at the end of the day than a chilled, bubbly beer with your barbecue. Not only does the average beer have MUCH fewer calories than your usually fruity cocktail, let’s face it, it’s cheaper. For this reason you may find yourself with one too many cases of Coronas from that enthusiastic trip you made to the grocery store when you felt the sun getting a little stronger.

Instead of rushing through them only to pee all night and deal with a hangover, make use of your extra bubbly by cooking with it. Splashed on your barbecue, stirred into a sauce or simmering with seafood, beer can stand on its own to give a dish a little punch. And maybe a little buzz. This article from Readers Digest Version gives you 13 different ways to do so.

Here’s a brief, refreshing taste of what you’ll find:

1. Brown beer with corned beef and cabbage

2. Dark beer in your basic egg-bread recipe

3. Quick beer marinade for pork

4. Belgian muscles simmered in beer

5. Marinade for steak fajitas

6. Corn kennels simmered in beer

7. Beer red sauce for chicken fajitas

8. Beer with broth for your favorite chili

9. To add a punch to barbecue sauce

10. Shrimp cocktail simmered in beer

11. Pulled pork sandwich

12. Spice up a marinade for spareribs

13. Beer battered fried fish

Who knew you could make so many gourmet items with a buzz on?

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