Pasta Alternative: Squash and Tofu Spaghetti Quickie in the Kitchen

I LOVE pasta, but I don’t like to eat SO many carbs. Instead, I have found these two fab alternatives to pasta that have super low carbs, are low fat, are vegetarian, and still fill you up and feel like you ate a big bowl of noodles… well, almost ;)
What are they? Vegetables and Tofu… turned into pasta-like strands!

Spaghetti Squash
Tofu Pasta

Treat them as you would any pasta or spaghetti dish. Get creative! Go with a curry sauce, marinara, low-fat Alfredo (using ff half & half), meatballs, shrimp, tofu, chicken breast, or just light butter and Parmesan cheese. My fave? I love to top mine with Laughing Cow Creamy Swiss Light cheese, then a little white pepper to spice it up. SO tasty!


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