25 Best Workout Songs

Music moves me. Particularly when it comes to working out. When I’m not in the mood to exercise, I just put on a few good songs and suddenly I can’t help myself but tie on my running shoes and get moving! Here are 25 of my favorite go-to songs that consistently up my energy and get me sweating:

1. “Under Pressure”- Queen
2. “Push It”- Salt n Pepa
3. “Poison”- Bell Biv Devoe
4. “Brass Monkey”- Beastie Boys
5. “Baby Got Back”- Sir Mix-a-Lot
6. “Oh Yeah”- Yello
7. “So Watcha Want”- Beastie Boys
8. “She’s Crafty”- Beastie Boys
9. “Superhero”- Jane’s Addiction
10. “Gloria”- Laura Branigan
11. “E.T.”- Katy Perry
12. “I Like It”- Enrique Iglesias
13. “Only Girl”- Rihanna
14. “I Need a Doctor”- Dr. Dre
15. “S&M”- Rihanna
16. “Gonna Make You Sweat”- C+C Music Factory
17. “I Gotta Feeling”- Black Eyed Peas
18. “Stronger”- Kanye West
19. “Hot in Herre”- Nelly
20. “Don’t Stop Believin”- Journey
21. “Hurts So Good”- John Cougar
22. “Another One Bites the Dust”- Queen
23. “Live for This”- Hatebreed
24. “Rhythm Nation”- Janet Jackson
25. “Just Breathe”- Pearl Jam (cool down)

A few other great playlists are FitBottomedGirls, Mademan, and Fitness Magazine.


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