What's in Your Purse?

I’m a snacker (which is not good for the waist line) and like to put things in my mouth (which is why I used to smoke- briefly… which is SO totally unhealthy). As I was packing up my purse to go out, I realized just how many snack-deterring items I stuff it with- always at least 2 packs of gum, tic tacs or some other low-cal candy. Today:
Business Cards
2 pens collected from hotels I have stayed in
Camera- because you never know
MAC spice lip liner
Burt’s Bees chapstick
Orange Tic-Tacs

Ginger Chews
Ginger is naturally a fat-burning spice, stimulating circulation and turning up the heat on the metabolism, burning fat 20% faster. More than burning fat, ginger detoxifies the body, helps combat nausea, motion sickness, and arthritis pain. Plus I love the hot spice on my tongue.)
Rescue Remedy chewy pastilles
Extra Dessert Delights (key lime, mint chocolate chip)
5 Gum- Cobalt
Tampax container
Hair tie

What’s in your purse?


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