How Celeb Moms Shed Baby Fat

Sign Up For A Marathon like


Famous for the curves on her backside, there was one bump Jennifer Lopez didn’t want to keep. It took the singer/actress almost a year and a half to work off the 50 lbs she’d gained during pregnancy.
How? Committing to a marathon. Training for a triathlon, along with a very strict diet, helped JLo get back all the right curves, and lose the unwanted ones. Signing up for any sort of marathon is a great way to hold yourself accountable to workouts. If you really need motivation, sign up for an event that will take place in another city, book a flight and a hotel room, then you’ll be even more inclined to follow through.

Eat Every Two Hours like


Back in a swimsuit and in front of the camera within 5 months of giving birth? Kourtney Kardashian admits she was not completely back to pre-baby weight for her bathing suit shoot. But she still looked fab!
How?eating small meals every two hours and making gym time a non-negotiable helped the TV personality get ready for the lime light again. Eating every few hours keeps your metabolism active and fends off major blood sugar crashes that often lead to snacking. But another tip to take from Kourtney is her confidence—don’t let anxiety about a few extra pounds stop you from enjoying life! After all, that little extra jiggle is the result of your new little bundle of love.

Workout With Dad like


Hey, your baby’s dad is a big part of the reason you put on the weight in the first place. Within 3 months of giving birth Bethenny was back to pre-baby shape.
How? It’s only fair that Bethenny Frankel’s husband did yoga with her to help her shed the baby bump. Portion control and fitness DVD’s also helped slim down the star. If you’re self-conscious about heading out to the gym or jogging outdoors in those workout clothes that have gotten a little tighter…workout DVD’s are a great way to comfortably shed pounds. It certainly helps to have a supportive partner who’s willing to sweat a little with you.

Try Circuit Training like


Doing the treadmill for 45-straight minutes is torturous. Still, just 3 months after giving birth to her son Bronx, Ashlee dropped 25 pounds of weight.
How? 30-40 minutes, 3-4 days a week of circuit training including both upper and lower body moves, ab exercises, stairs, and weights, plus a daily 1500 calorie diet.

Try a Veggies, Low-Carb and Regular Workouts like


Just 6-weeks after birthing her daughter Lou, Heidi strut her stuff in a tiny corset down the runway during the Victoria’s Secret fashion show.
How? She called her trainer to help her immediately get moving with lots of treadmill, medicine ball ab exercises, plus breast feeding, and a diet that consisted of lots of veggies and limited carbs.

Try Toning Sneakers and a Healthy Diet like


Kelly’s post-pregnancy plan was less structured, but she still was able to drop the weight.
How? Lots of walking wearing Reebok EasyTone sculpting sneakers, nursing, and eating a diet filled with eggs, fish, fruit, and treats of Nutella on rice cake.

Try High-Intensity Resistance like


She may have some of the best abs around, but post-baby, Gwen apparently didn’t do sit-ups, yet she still whipped them back into midriff revealing shape.
How? A high-intensity resistance fitness program and a healthy food regimen including veggies, lean proteins, controlled carbs, and lots and lots of water.

Try a Yoga/Resistance Combo like


She may be the co-host of Dancing with the Stars, but Samantha lost weight in other ways.
How? By quickly getting back into her regular exercise routine- within 2 weeks, toning up and shedding fat with a combo of yoga and resistance.

Try Cardio Intervals and Fruit like


Christina has long been seen as a sex symbol, even posing practically nude on magazine covers. Post baby, she was able to get back into her nude-worthy body.
How? Returning to her old ways when it came to diet and exercise. She cut the fat with cardio intervals and worked on her metabolism with weight training 3-5 times a week. She also altered her diet, eating whole fruit instead of drinking empty calorie juice, and completely doing away with processed foods.


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