Green Fry: Mizuna, Lambs Quarters, Chard, Red Carrot, Beet, Jalapeno, Garlic, Rosemary

Just to clarify, a green fry has nothing to do with frying food. Instead, it is a combo of anything healthy and green in your fridge that you throw into a pan and cook into one of the easiest, healthiest dishes you can make. Plus, you are cleaning out your fridge so that those veggies that you bought last weekend don’t go to waste. You can make this a vegetarian or vegan meal, or add meat or chicken if you’d like. And here’s the best thing, your meal is a total Bites with Benefits meal and you’re only consuming about 40 calories per cup! Yes… that’s it!

I cooked the beets, jalapeno, garlic and rosemary with a little olive oil spray first for about 10 minutes on low heat covered. I wanted to pull the sugar out of the beets and soften them up. Then I added the carrots for another 10 minutes. Finally I dumped in all of the greens and cooked it down, with a spoon of “better than bouillon” turkey paste to bump up the flavor.

Really, it’s one of the least restrictive dishes. Yup, there are few rules- except that you have to use your veggies (try to use all green), use butter and oil to a minimum- keeping it to a 2 tablespoon maximum (if any at all).

But… there are techniques that can help make this dish good. Here’s the thing. I tend not to cook with a strict recipe. In fact, I’m pretty bad at following recipe rules. How do I tell what flavors will be good together, if maybe I should add another spice, or an additional ingredient? I put the spice jar next to the pot or pan and try to get a whiff of both scents together. If it’s a fit, I put a few shakes into it.
-Put the pan or pot on low heat
-Once it gets hot, coat the inside with olive oil spray
-If you’re using onions, add them in first and allow time to soften- releasing the natural sugars and sweetness
-Instead of cooking with oil, use chicken or vegetable stock, a little white wine, or even just water.
-Use sea salt to draw out the flavors
-Don’t be afraid of fresh spices and herbs if you have them- they add nutrients and flavor without fat or calories
-Mushrooms release a lot of water, so if you need liquid, put in the mushrooms at the beginning.
-Cover the pot or pan to allow the veggies to steam without losing the moisture.
-If using garlic, know that it burns easily so make sure not to let it sit on the bottom of the pan for too long without other veggies.
-Use any fresh green veggies you have.
-Try to cut the veggies to about the same size so that they need a similar amount of time to cook down.
-Add a few shakes of cinnamon at the end to enhance the flavor and add depth.

Ingredients… this time around:

(the amount depends on what you have in your fridge)
Lambs Quarters
Red Carrot
Red Chard
White Pepper

Other Ingredients that Work:

Bell Pepper
Bok Choy
Toasted Sesame Oil (just a little)
Teriyaki Sauce


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