Foods That Flush Out Fat And Energize

You may be incredibly diligent about making those gym dates. But on some days, it just feels a lot harder to work out than and you’re just not motivated! On those days you’re feeling sluggish from a big meal, or just plain tired, get help from these energizing, fat-flushing foods


Salmon contains a hormone called leptin, which can curb your appetite and help you burn fat faster. Salmon also contains Omega-3, another appetite-suppressant.

Whole Grains

The more fibrous a food is, the longer it takes for your body to digest it. What does this mean? You feel full longer and don’t reach for the snacks that have been giving you those cottage cheese thighs. When it comes to whole grains, try cereal, oats, whole grain pasta and whole grain bread.

Lean Protein

As long as you stick to the healthy stuff, like turkey or chicken breast, you’ll reap the benefits and none of the extra fat. Lean protein contains iron, which helps deliver oxygen to your blood cells. The more oxygen in your blood cells, the faster your metabolism works and the more energy you have to work out! Thigh master anyone?


Another great source of fiber, plus packed with Vitamins and Iron. Spinach will keep you full longer and deliver oxygen to your blood cells. Try it in a salad or steamed as a side dish to fish.

Citrus Fruit

Fruits like oranges and lemon are rich in Vitamin C, which aids the digestion of heavy, fatty foods and helps cleanse your system.


Aside from making your urine a funny color, Beets can flush out fat deposits and excess body fat—just want you want when you’re trying to slim your thighs.

Green Tea

The high levels of antioxidants in Green Tea help to stabilize blood sugar levels, regulate the digestive process and curb cravings. The caffeine also acts as a stimulant, so you can work out a little longer!


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